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Apr 11, 2018

I believe the kitchen is the heart of the home. Surrounded by friends and family, every weekend is an opportunity to entertain with good food and wonderful people. However, with sensitivities, allergies and dietary preferences on the rise, making sure everyone is catered for is so important.

Those who love my Artisan Biscotti will agree with me when I say they are truly busting full of flavour. That’s the joy of baking organic – the rich flavour profile truly shines. I love to create food to share with people, so I’ve put together a few different pairings for your Artisan Biscotti cheeseboard or platter that I think will provide something for everybody.

Delicious food pairings with Marci Food's organic biscotti

Cranberry, Rosemary & Sea Salt Artisan Biscotti

Cranberry, Rosemary & Sea Salt Biscotti ingredients by Marci Food

The cranberry sweetness of this biscotti pairs fabulously with many different milder cheeses. Baked brie, ricotta and mascarpone are the perfect pairing. Similarly, cheddar also works well for a slightly tangier taste. Fresh pomegranate and walnuts are also perfect pairing, with the saltiness of this biscotti to offset it. A fabulous flavour combo for this pairing the biscotti with herb pâté.


Sticky Date & Ginger Artisan Biscotti

Sticky Date & Ginger IngredientsDates are natures gem. For those who limit their refined sugar intake, dates are the perfect alternative to sweetener. They contrast well with salty and warm flavours like ginger. To pair, I suggest soft cheeses, mild goats cheese, and blue cheese. Cashew cheese is also a fabulous dairy alternative. Dried fruits such as pear, apple and banana also work well alongside the date and ginger.


Fig & Pepperberry Artisan Biscotti

Fig & Pepperberry Biscotti ingredientsFresh figs and biscotti alike, this biscotti pairs fabulously with vinegars, honey, cured meats like ham and prosciutto, and spices. For those who are vegan, a fabulous alternative would be cashew butter or macadamia butter. I also highly recommend caramelising your own fresh figs, and enjoying those on top of the biscotti with your favourite meat or cheese.


Golden Apricot & Seed Artisan Biscotti

Golden Apricot & Seed IngredientsApricots are the perfect pairing for dessert. This biscotti is milder in spiced flavour, and can be paired well with sweetness like dark brown sugar, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, vanilla and more. Tahini drizzled on top, or dark chocolate and honey on top is also perfect for this dessert style. For those who drink, brandy is also delicious alongside apricot flavour. Serving your guests dessert with a sharing platter of this sweet biscotti will be the perfect end to your night.


I hope I’ve inspired you to add some Marci Food Artisan Biscotti to your next cheese platter. Make sure to tag @marcifood in your photos!

Love, Marci x

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