Our Story

“I believe eating should be joyous, celebratory, nutritious and delicious!”

Meet Marci Lütken, the founder and head foodie at Marci Food.

“I was born on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and raised on an organic farm by nature loving health food enthusiasts. From a very young age I made the connection between healthy eating and feeling well. 

With food sensitivities and allergies on the rise, I wanted to create truly healthy food products for myself and family. No fillers, no nasties. Just tasty, wholesome ingredients. I love taking classic recipes and making them in a new way that suits how I like to eat. A lot of people talk about healthy eating, but I want it to be joyful eating too!

I’m passionate about maintaining a rich flavour profile, good texture and a truly delicious eating experience, often not found in other ‘free from’ products. This is the kind of food creation that I want to share with people. It’s the kind of food I love to make and the kind of food I want to eat.”

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